Bamboo and Plywood

  • Sheet sizes: 600mm x 300mm, 300mm x 300mm, 300mm x 150mm. (± 2mm).
  • Thickness: 3mm or 1.5mm for bamboo, 0.8mm for birch (± 10%). Just note the 3mm bamboo can vary in thickness from 2.5mm up to 3.5mm
  • Finish: Smooth timber finish front and back. They can warp a little with changes in humidity.
  • Grain: Bamboo grain is quite loose so the fibres can lift easily, this is mainly an issue along the cross grain edges. If you choose to add tape to the sheets, the best way to remove after laser cutting is to peel the tape off across the grain instead of along the grain, this significantly reduces the grain that is pulled up. Once peeled, just a quick go over with sand paper brings it back to being nice and smooth – should only take 1 or 2 seconds per piece to sand for smaller jewellery pieces.
  • Protective Tape: No tape front or back. Choose from the drop down box to add masking tape or double sided tape.
  • Colour Accuracy: Order samples here. Allow for minor colour variation from your monitor to real life; all screens display colours differently.
  • Please note prices may vary from those listed from colour to colour, due to different manufacturing techniques and suppliers.
  • Additional photos and information: To see more, refer to our comprehensive material gallery via our sister company Vector Etch , or view videos and other details on our Instagram.
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