Chunky Glitter Acrylic Swatch Pack

Laser cut sample material swatches. Sold in packs by material type.

Perfect for seeing what our materials look like in real life, and for experimenting with different material type/colour combinations.

    Pack contains 27 Swatches of Chunky Glitter Acrylic:
    Please note Superstar Chunky is out of stock, and will not be included in the pack.

  • Baby Blue
  • Berry Pink
  • Blue and Silver
  • Bronze
  • Christmas
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Copper
  • Frosty
  • Galaxy Black
  • Gold and Black
  • Gold Rainbow
  • Green
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Light Gold and Silver
  • Peacock
  • Red
  • Red and Teal
  • Rose Gold
  • Rose Gold and Black
  • Silver
  • Silver and Black
  • Superstar (out of stock)
  • Turquoise
  • Ultra Violet
  • Very Black (2nds stock)
  • Yellow Gold
  • Yellow Gold and Silver

*Some materials may vary due to availability.
Find out more about this material type and colours via the Material Gallery.

    Size of swatches:

  • 40mm x 40mm


  • Sold in packs – pricing per pack equates to approximately $1 per swatch
  • If you would like just an individual single swatch, see listing here (less economical option).

    Each sample swatch has:

  • A 3mm hole in the corner (so it may be strung together as a collection with other swatches).
  • A vector line engraved
  • The material name engraved
  • The Vector Etch logo engraved
  • Protective tape (which will need to be peeled off to reveal the material colour) – suitable for experimenting with paint fill techniques.

  • Colour Accuracy: Order samples here. Allow for minor colour variation from your monitor to real life; all screens display colours differently.
  • Please note prices may vary from those listed from colour to colour, due to different manufacturing techniques and suppliers.
  • Additional photos and information: To see more, refer to our comprehensive material gallery via our sister company Vector Etch , or view videos and other details on our Instagram.

Turn Around: Orders are typically processed in 1-3 business days.

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